Allow fmsadmin to update FileMaker Server License

Idea created by cwhorton on May 14, 2016
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    Please update the fmsadmin command line program to allow updating the FileMaker Server License key.


    For example:

    $ fmsadmin -y -u adminuser -p adminpassword license update --user "John Smith" --organization "Acme, Inc" --key "1111-2222-3333-4444-5555"


    The purpose is to script not only deployments but connection purchase upgrades in an efficient manner.  Automation is critical in keeping costs for end users down.


    Along these lines, something like this would be helpful as well:

    $ fmsadmin -y -u adminuser -p adminpassword license info

    > FLT Users: 5

    > Type: Shipping (as opposed to trial)