Runtime for User Connections.

Idea created by bigtom on May 14, 2016

    This would monetize Runtime applications for FMI and support the current licensing model. This is not really the same thing as FLT.


    Complete packaged and branded runtime app that will need to be connected to FMS to run. This will give developers the ability provide the same branding and products they do do now as long as the app is connected to a FMS with available connections. Runtimes are traditionally more about private branding from the developer with less emphasis on FileMaker as the underlying product. Honestly, as long as it is licensed I do not see why FMI should care about the branding.


    The ability to allow the Runtime UC product to store the specified server and credentials in the file and automatically connect to that server when open would be necessary.  I feel this should be done with a script step to allow developer customization of the application or special menu option for managing this data. (FLT Clients should really have this to start with anyway) Allow developer branding on the connection screen with an FMI credit the same as the closing splash does now.


    If this was available as a Runtime replacement I would be super excited about it and would really promote the purchase of more user connections from developers. Since this is essentially very similar to FLT I see networking for these licensed Runtimes as very reasonable.