Copy/Pasting "Import Records” by “Matching field names” should just work

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on May 17, 2016
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    When you copy an import Records script step the option "Arrange by” is NOT copied, which means an Import Records by Matching Names is broken when you paste it back in. See Copy/Pasting "Import Records" script step breaks the option "Arrange by"/"matching names".


    This problem often goes unnoticed at first because the script step is pasted in with the option “last order” - which may initially produce the correct results. However, as soon as fields are added, deleted, or a different file is being imported data will be imported incorrectly. This often means that the error is delivered to customers and is discovered much later, requiring a pile of data correction


    Also there is no error written in the import.log file - so it LOOKS as if everything was pasted correctly.




    Fix it! Make Copy + Paste just work!




    • Copying and pasting should create an identical copy of the import records script step.


    It is an EXTREMELY easy problem for FMI to solve! Just add the extra info to the clipboard + set it again, when pasting back in.



    • Copy paste scripts effortlessly
      • without having to check if there is an import records script step in the script (note: this bug negatively effects the experience of copying and pasting ALL scripts … because it requires the developer to check/know if the script(s) being copied contain a ‘danger')
      • and WITHOUT introducing unexpected errors
    • FileMaker is more FileMakery
      • is easier to learn
      • Has one less Gotcha
      • Developers have more faith in FileMaker/Copy/Paste
      • Greater developer productivity
    • Less errors in DELIVERED databases
      • Less corrupt data in LIVE databases
      • Less lost business due to corrupt data
      • Happier end users
      • Globally more faith in the FileMaker platform as a serious database
    • See Copy/Pasting "Import Records" script step breaks the option "Arrange by"/"matching names" for more


    Use Cases


    • Duplicating an import script step (using copy+paste) for Windows/Mac encoding
    • Copying + pasting a script for a different context/table
    • Copying + pasting a script to a different file
    • Maintaining / updating customers databases / transferring code to/from customers databases
    • Merging files/databases together, which contain import.
    • Generalizing a customers individual programming and building it into the master version.
    • Copying code out of a modular-filemaker database into your own database.
    • Scripts to duplicate hierarchical data, using export & import.
    • Creating a Server-Side-Script from a client side script.
    • Creating a Natwest-Bank Home-banking import script based off of a Midlands Bank import script.
    • etc., etc., etc, etc., etc.




  this idea up - it is a thorn in the side, every time one has to copy scripts.


    Please also add comments here to help give FMI an idea HOW OFTEN this is a problem -  every time you have to copy + paste Import Records script steps - and particularly every time it leads to ERRORs in you solution!