Remove or increase the user connection limit per server.

Idea created by bigtom on May 18, 2016
    • Johan Hedman
    • jbante
    • bigtom
    • Vincent_L

    This really goes allong with the single FLT licenses.


    The limit of 100 was imposed because of web direct and the resources the WPE needs.


    There are are no limits on FMP clients aside from hardware limits. However there is a limit to FMPUC clients simply based on the license model that was born from WebDirect limitations.


    FMGo as well is not dependent on the WPE but was tossed in with WebDirect just for easier licensing.


    WebDirect is improving. We are doing more with less resources. So why are we still limited to 100 connections Which include FMPUCs as well. What was wrong with the days where people managed performance and limits on their own based on the hardware that have and the solution design.


    WebDirect is really the main limiting factor.


    FMS is recommending a 12 core machine for 100 users. So when there are 24 and 30 core severs available they still get 100. A 24 core server is common enough in the world these days. If there had to be a limit I would estimate 250 is a reasonable number. Keeping the FLT connections in line with the maximum number of tested/recommended FMP clients and people get to pay for them!