Loading ... Initializing ... User Experience

Idea created by vince.menanno on May 19, 2016

    Would very much like to have more subtle ways to control the user experience when the user logs into a file.


    For example I want the size and placement of the window to get in place and draw only the content that I want it to have maybe even animate some of it. Basically want there to be some better user experience as the solution loads for the user.


    For example at our office we use HipChat... when we launch the client application one sees a nice animated spinner and that is all. And the logo of the app. But it would be great if we could say provide the user some information like ... 2 new orders since you last logged in ... or text coming in from the bottom up and when each of them is fully loaded then they could be links to go look at that content.


    But often times I feel like I am struggling to make the loading of the solution just feel more professional.


    Hope this gets some ideas going for others to chime in on what they they would be nice in terms of On Open of a solution.