Support for Preview mode in FileMaker Go

Idea created by scottworld on May 21, 2016

    It would be really awesome if FileMaker Go supported Preview mode. There are many reasons for this, but we'll tell you one of the key reasons for us:


    Many of our clients like seeing the "total number of pages" listed on the documents that they print or email out of FileMaker. In other words, at the bottom of each page, it says: "Page 1 of 7", "Page 2 of 7", "Page 3 of 7", etc.


    There are only 2 ways to accomplish this trick in FileMaker:


    1. Create an extremely simple, bare-bones layout that has no sliding body parts, no subsummary parts, no sliding subsummary parts, no sliding trailing grand summaries, etc. Then, you can predict in advance how many records will appear on each page, and do some math to figure out what the total number of pages should be. THIS TRICK WON'T WORK FOR US, because our layouts are very complex, and the body parts are set large & set to slide.


    2. The easiest, quickest, and most reliable way: Enter the print layout in Preview Mode, go to the last page, set a global field with the current page number, and then print the document. But since Preview mode doesn't work on iOS, we can't do this on iOS.


    So the ability to enter Preview mode in iOS would enable us to do this, and also allow our clients to preview their documents on iOS before printing or saving as PDF.