Comprehensive Solution Profiling

Idea created by vince.menanno on May 25, 2016

    I know I have posted about Script profiling before and others have also posted about Layout Profiling. Today while we were searching for a possible issue with performance inside a script, I realized that we need profiling to be available at different levels of the product. Not just Scripts or Layouts... etc ... but everywhere. Built in!


    And in a way where we could choose the level of profiling that we need. For example today we were looking inside a script step to see why that step was taking a long time to resolve... Here is a dependency tree that InspectorPro generates for any calculation (or script for that matter). See attached screen shot ( Note that I added the red dot to illustrate my point ), with the problem areas showing up with deeper red color to indicate that it is taking the most time there.


    So lets say were were able to turn on profiling in our solutions. And we were able to indicate the level at which we would like to have profiling. At a very high level all we are interested in is how long is the layout taking to load, or the script or the relationship etc... Then we could drill in a little closer. How long is each step in the script taking to load or layout object on a layout etc.


    And still drill in even more like in this diagram from InspectorPro for the dependency tree of a calculation. Each node would have a time associated with it... then one would be able to see instantly that the ExecuteSQL node was taking 95.4 % of the processing time in this step, and the step was taking 80% of the time in the entire execution of the script.


    This would be a huge WIN for developers - did I say HUGE ... I mean Huge as in Huge!


    If I could only choose 5 features to have FMI work on this would be far and away the number 1 feature request from me.


    Then solution updating, native parameter passing, ability to turn off script triggers and last would be built in data auditing.


    I know it will slow the solution down but we would only turn it on when we need it.


    Please give us built in profiling. Its urgent!

    Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.43.29 AM.png