PDF from Server is strategically important

Idea created by CarstenLevin on May 26, 2016


    Creation of PDF without loosing any of the existing advanced functionality (like append to PDF)


    • Server Script
      • Thus also from "Perform Script on Server" Script Step
    • From WebDirect, possibly via "Perform Script on Server"

    With a development UI supported way to write the new PDF directly to a specified container field.


    Why this is important for me

    We see WebDirect as a strategic enabler for our FileMaker development. And the generation of PDF's is maybe our major problem when considering deploying solutions via WD for new customers and when building modules for use with WD for existing solutions.


    Business Cases

    All new biz where it is an advantage not to have to install an application.

    All business cases where the user will use his from different locations/platforms.

    When generating complex PDF's taking a lot of data power from FileMaker Go solutions or from WD solutions used from Android, iOS etc.

    When developing CWP (Custom Web Publishing) sites.


    Yes, I could continue, but I hope this is enough.


    Best regards to everybody