Creation of PDF direct to Container Field

Idea created by CarstenLevin on May 26, 2016


    An addition to creation of PDF script steps that allow you to save directly into a container field (of course OK if FileMaker Pro or Server use the temp to store it during the process)


    Why this is important to me

    We are doing this all the time now, setting variables and using them to first set the path to save the pdf with a specific name to a specific place and then again using this to put it into a container field. So it is not a missing functionality, but it is a task that you have to do many times and with many small places to make errors.


    Use cases

    I find it especially interesting if being able to create PDF's on server/via WebDirect etc.

    Please see this also, here inserting a newly created PDF into a container field would come in handy.

    And by the way, we often forget the "new" FileMaker user. It would make creation of PDF's and storing them in Container Fields much easier.


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