Revisited Product Line

Idea created by Fred(CH) on Jun 1, 2016

    Considering :

    • The announcement one year ago about the future removal of runtimes and the consecutive headaches of concerned developers…
    • The brand new "FileMaker for teams" licence which added a new layer of complexity in the actual model…
    • And finally, the historic paradox that the most popular product, "FileMaker Pro", brings most of the time, not enough to the developer and too much to the enduser…


    …my conclusion is we need an entirely revisited Product Line. Here are the BASIC changes i would suggest :


    FileMaker Go

    No change, it's perfect .


    FileMaker Desktop (NEW!)

    Inherit all features of actual FileMaker Pro, except the conception tools and sharing features.

    As FM Go, FREE (yes, you red correctly !) when using local files, BUT cost a concurrent connexion OR a FileMaker Team User, when connected to FMS. Exception : No connexion allowed to FMP peer to peer sharing.


    FileMaker Pro

    Inherit all features of actual FileMaker Pro Advanced, except for the runtime creation which is removed.

    Prices raised at the level of FileMaker Pro Advanced. Peer to peer sharing kept, useful for very little offices and testing purpose.


    FileMaker Pro Advanced

    REMOVED as few years ago for FMSA; Bye, thanks for all good services done in the past !


    FileMaker Server

    No change, it's perfect .