Add OS Version nr. in the clients tab in the admin console

Idea created by User25291 on Jun 2, 2016

    A very small addition request:

    In the FileMaker Server admin console you can view some details of logged in users.

    This currently includes Operating System which usually shows Mac OS X or Windows.


    My request is too add version number to this. So something like 10.11.2 on OSX or 8.1 on Windows.

    This will help any type of support for these users. Some bugs or issues are only on certain OS versions.


    It is also important for upgrading and planning. FileMaker only supports the last 2 versions of OS X in the latest release. So telling a client to upgrade to FM15 while they are still on 10.9 isn't viable. It helps to know this beforehand so you can first discuss if they are able to upgrade their OS.