Better Live development tools

Idea created by Vincent_L on Jun 7, 2016
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    By "Live" developmentI mean, developing while in production, with connected users.

    Please save me the "you shouldn't do that", I know, but there's no choice for an in house dev, especially since there's no true data separation model, and no fast, and I mean really fast, way to reimport GB of DATA in a new updated structure.

    So as of today live development is essential.


    My main issue is committing a database structure change that can take a lot of time, I've just done this 20 minutes ago, and it's still not finished.

    That's because server side scripts are running, I think it'll be done when the server side script finished


    By slightly improving the dev GUI, we could save a lot of headache :


    - When entering the manage database, FMPa could warn : a server side script is running, are you sure to modify, even better, in the next 5 minutes a server side script is going to run


    - Also when entering manage database, "you're about to do modifications, would you want to prevent server side script / backup execution during your editing"


    - When committing the change : a server side script, a backup is going on, "are you sure you want to commit now, when the this taks are done, cancel, discard"


    Of course, all could be file specific : no need for those warning for non used tabled at the time of editing


    At least we won't have our GUI stuck for 20 minutes or more.


    This would be much safer, efficient, faster.


    Of course, the dev could check for server state before but it's one more thing to think of, especially in an in-house scenario where FMP developing is not your sole or main task