Built In FM Server to Client Syncing

Idea created by rbparker on Jun 7, 2016
    • riyan

    I've been a FileMaker user since v2.1. I've made my living with this wonderful piece of software for well over a decade now. I'm not certified but consider myself a bit of an expert given that experience. I have several remote clients that I work with using remote copies of databased being hosted on FMS via third party hosting companies (loves me some FoxTail Technology!).


    My biggest "issue" that I'd love to see fixed is an option with Filemaker Server that could be enabled that would force it to "push" out to any/all FileMaker clients any new or modified record changes to all tables so that while I'm actually connect to the server - any computationally intensive reports or layouts I view are ACTUALLY calculated using a synced LOCAL copy of the data, thus radically improving the speed of said layouts/reports.


    Yes, I'm familiar with all the  various third party syncing systems that could be "bolted onto" my solution but from what I've read, researched and experienced they ALL have issues of one sort or another and they ALL require additional programing that frankly I believe could/should be done at the FileMaker Server/Client level so that it could be implemented with just a flip of a switch on the server and/or client.


    I'd like an option on the server to turn on this Local-Syncing feature that would allow me to choose how often this sync occurred (constantly, every 15 minutes, hourly, every "x" hours or daily at a time of my choosing). Any data I enter would be first put on the server then pushed out to all clients based on these parameters as they connect.


    The performance gains by this would be HUGE as all data would be local and hence all calculations performed would be based on them and every experienced FMP programmer should know what I'm talking about here. I have reports that take 8 - 10 minutes to run off a server but are damn near instantaneous when run off of a local copy. I can implement damn near every speed-enhancing feature I can think of but in a highly related database with lots of changing data there will NEVER be a substitute for working with local data when it comes to speed.


    Filemaker is now coming out with new versions of their software on an annual basis. How about taking a look/see at THIS new feature.