Idea created by ClickWorks on Jun 8, 2016

    At our last teammeeting I proposed a new version of the Portal: a GridPortal.


    We get more requests for layouts that our clients wants to show to their clients, in particular for FM Go. Our clients want to show a nice overview of products, people, categories, houses, ... At this moment we can use two or three portals beside each other. The first portal shows a limited amount of rows. The second one shows the rest. If the layout is rotated to landscape, other portals have to be showed.


    What we consider is this solution: a GridPortal: it continues where the current Portal stops.



    • Better layout possibilities
    • Responsive layout might be possible: if you set up two columns but set autosizing to both sizes, it can show a third column in landscape if there is enough space for an extra column
    • Easier setup of layouts
    • More native behaviour on FM Go
    • More logic behaviour of portals and what they show


    New options (compared to normal Portal):

    • Choice of direction : Top to bottom, Left to right, Right to left. This determines how the portal is being filled with content and how it adepts to rotating the device.
    • Amount of columns (Starting column?)
    • Autosize rearranges cells : yes/no. If the GridPortal is being resized, how will the cells be rearranged? Add new rows in the empty spaces, or move the existing ones first


    Scripts and calculations:

    • Go to Portal Cell ( Row ; Column )
    • Delete Portal Cell ( [Row ; Column] )
    • get ( ActivePortalCell ) returns [ Row ; Column ]


    Even a native calendar/schedule would become possible ...


    A few Dribbble examples we might achieve :