Allowing table views - multiple tenants apps - tables with preselected records

Idea created by golife on Jul 6, 2016
    • tomasd
    • golife

    In standard layout "Show all records" shows all records in a base table without the possibility to only show "all records* for a certain condition. This would be a kind of "table view" allowing operations on a set of preselected data.




    Let us assume an accounting system. There is a Table of Accounts which is kept in one chart of accounts table. Since the accounts must be kept separated for each tenant and there are multiple tables of accounts for multiple tenants, I would like to set a condition which completely hides all records not fulfilling a set filter condition - in this case, the selected tenant.



    1. When changing a tenant, exporting all data of current tenant, importing all data for new tenant.

    2. Presenting only filtered lists and scripting a lot to disallow users to find data not belonging to the selected tenant


    • "Show all records" would then mean to show only records for that tenant.
    • Searching and selecting records within this set of records will only search and select within this filtered selection.
    • All operations will only work on such pre-selected data.
    • This also allows for seamless record-level security. (I know that security settings can be used to not allow access to records for certain users, but this is not the same here since the records are still "present" even though not accessible. Also that requires more scripting.)
    • Much easier for scripting - saving a lot of time
    • Increased security because certain data can completely be filtered