Control over Pause/Resume and it's Blue Button

Idea created by maidanss on Jun 24, 2016
    • hbrendel
    • mattel

    A summary of your idea

    To give developers control over what the “Pause/Resume” dialog and it's “Continue” button should say.


    Why this idea is important to you

    This dialog and button are understood by developers who are familiar with what a script is, but regular users are not.


    Specific use cases you are looking to solve

    • Give developers the control over what the “Script Paused” dialog should say.
    • Give developers the control over what the Blue “Continue” button should say.


    If by clicking the continue button takes the user to a print dialog, as a developer I might want the following instead:

    • Dialog to say: “Click button to print” instead of “Script Paused”,
    • Button to say: “Print” instead of “Continue”.

    Or I might want to totally skip the dialog and just have blue button with my choice of word.