Location and Timer Callbacks (Notifications)

Idea created by Chris Irvine on Jun 24, 2016
    • delfs
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • osmancabi@gmail.com
    • Chris Irvine
    • jbante

    There are many use cases for location and time based triggers. Current features with timers, locations, and beacons are good, but they all require the solution file to be open and running. Opportunities would be vastly improved if a solution could be triggered by the system when some registered event occurs.


    Even in situations where a solution remains in the foreground, callback style notification would be much more elegant and less wasteful of power than regular polling for location or beacons.



    • Remind me at 3:30 PM today to renew my equipment rental.
    • Launch the "package check-in" screen when I approach at the loading dock beacon.
    • Log a note on my timecard when I leave this business.


    Interesting trigger events could be:

    • At Time
    • Enter/Leave geo fence or location + radius
    • Move x meters
    • Approach/Leave beacon
    • Achieve 768 mph (GPS gamification)


    Callbacks for location, beacon, and timers could be supported on both Pro and Go, probably not WD. Registering for a callback would probably just be a user friendly message and the name of the script that should be started when the event occurs. Later, information about the event should be passed back through the script parameter. It would be important to include the date and time the event occurred for cases when processing is delayed. Maybe there should also be the option to register a modal event, or a badge only.



    • What if 2 or 3 events are received against FMP/FMG (indicated through icon/dock badge count). When the user finally launches the program, how would multiple events/notifications be dispatched to the solution?
    • What if a user has 2 different solutions, each with 1 pending event? Obviously events need to be routed back to the correct solution. This seems especially tricky on FMG where a single solution is in front at a time. Maybe there is a badge/sheet/inbox for not-yet acknowledged notifications.
    • At the moment I'm picturing a client-only, even offline, feature. I'm not sure if there would be any useful or appropriate interaction with FMS.
    • Other request have been posted about Notifications before, such as Register for Notifications and Connection to native iOS apps - in particular Notifications, that seem more inspired by FileMaker events or IPC. Maybe there could be some synergy with timer and location events.