Wider Layout menu

Idea created by steveald on Jun 28, 2016

    Please make the Layout dropdown menu closed-state button wider.


    The Layout dropdown menu is located immediately below the Status Toolbar, along with View As: options and buttons for Preview mode, the Formatting Bar, and Layout mode. The rest of the space between these items is blank and remains, to my knowledge, unmodifiable.


    At our company, we rely heavily on the Layout menu. While scripts, buttons, and other controls are regularly used to access various layouts; it often suits our needs more to select a layout directly from the Layout menu. Once we click on the Layout menu, the full title of each layout is revealed.


    But, when the Layout menu is not selected, the name of the current layout is almost always obscured. This is due to the fixed width of the Layout menu in its closed state. With the menu button width and the menu font used in recent versions of FileMaker Pro, only about 18 characters from the Layout Name are visible.


    We deal with the fact that there are literally hundreds of layouts available in any of our hosted databases by providing each layout with a distinct title defining what can be found on it. As a result, our Layout Names generally range from a minimum of 24 characters to sometimes as many as 60 characters or more. This means that the names of none of our layouts are fully legible when looking at the closed Layout dropdown menu.


    I would like to suggest that more space be allocated to the Layout dropdown menu button in its closed state. For our purposes, at least doubling the current width would be a good place to start. If possible, offering different options based on each customers' needs might be an even better option. There is clearly plenty of space to make it much wider. And being able to read at least twice as much of the current layout's name at a glance would be very beneficial to at least this group of users.