Revoke confusing FM15 Format-Painter Pipette Icon &/ Cursor

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Jul 5, 2016
    • hbrendel
    • Johan Hedman
    • mrwatson-gbs

    This idea is the positive, future oriented, up-votable idea for the FMI Design & UX Team and the equivalent of the misplaced issue entry Confusing layout-tool icons: FormatPainter Pipette.




    In FM15 the FormatPainter icon - and cursor - have changed from a brush to a pipette.


    While the new coloured icons in layout mode in FileMaker 15 are fantastic, the changed format painter pipette icon for the button & cursor are somewhat confusing.


    Pipette icons are known to most users from colour-picker tools, where the pipette is used to choose a pixel-colour by “sucking” up the colour clicked on. Whilst REAL pipettes are used both for sucking up and then squirting out again, digital pipettes are often associated ONLY with sucking, because the destination of the sucked item is automatic (the current paint colour) - and one has to change to a painting tool(brush, pencil or paint pot) to APPLY the picked colour.


    In FileMaker, whilst the pipette symbol is maybe good for the button icon in the toolbar (because when you click the format painter pipette the format of the currently selected object is immediately copied/“sucked”) it is certainly a confusing symbol for the cursor during the apply action.




    Based on the ‘standard’ experience of (sucking) digital pipettes,


    • this visual situation suggests to me that I am about to transfer the formatting IN THE OTHER DIRECTION : from Globale_Dlg_Input2 toGlobale_User ID
    • i.e. bad UX & CONFUSION


    A further problem of the new iconography is that the NAME of the tool "Format painter" no longer matches the icon.


    • In FM14 the name "Format Painter" was harmonious with the icon of a PAINT brush, as well as with the idea of paint and the action of APPLYing formats/paint  to the objects you touch with the tool.
    • In FM15 the name "Format Painter" does not fit the pipette-as-sucker-tool concept. You don't paint with a pipette!


    +10 for the new colourful icons in FM15: it is so much easier to distinguish the tools, particularly the portal, chart and web-viewer tools!

    but -4 for the design error in the confusing "Format Pipette Sucker/Blower" tool




    Please revert the icons back to a brush icon, which is in many ways much more befitting of a format *painter*.


    Or - if you have deeper, inexplicable reasons for using a pipette icon - please at least consider changing the cursor icon back to a paint brush during the apply action.


    If the pipette is staying, please consider changing the tool name to a conceptually harmonious description: "Format Dropper", "Format Pipette", "Format Squirter" or similar.


    Thanking you for you considerations (and up-votes)!


    Yours in belated beta-testing