Please, support other color spaces than RGB

Idea created by on Jul 6, 2016
    • jbante

    FM is very versatile and solved me a very big problem: a catalogue with thousand of designs for the fashion market.

    Every day there's new design added, some old ones removed and so on.

    So, in FM I create the PDF I use to print adding all the information I need from the data sheet of avery design.


    Now, that the business is growing and the number of copies to print is increasing, I need to produce CMYK PDF.

    With Acrobat I can easily convert an RGB PDF like the ones created by FM but the problem is the black text. Converting the PDF, the black text becomes a rich black (a percentage of CMY printed under the black) and this cause printing problems. This problem can be  solved, but needs time to process the PDFs.


    It would be really superextrawonderful if I could set the color of the FM text in a layout indicating the percentage of CMYK inks.

    While I imagine this is very complex work, probably it's possible (at least) to have an option to export the black text in the PDF as 0C 0M 0Y 100K.


    I hope in the future release! :-)


    Ciao and regards

    Enzo Borri


    P.S.: I also hope in a better PDF engine capable to export vector graphic (PDF in container fields, for example), as FMPA12 was capable to do! :-)