Add encryption option for URL scheme fmp://

Idea created by GerardBeutler on Jul 26, 2016
    • Julio Toledo
    • Johan Hedman

    The challenge is to open a remote FileMaker database using URL scheme fmp:// and sending at string of parameters that are not only encoded but also encrypted.


    The scenario is that there is a single file that will send a set of parameters to another FileMaker file that will use the parameters and perform a script.

    The will allow the launch file to not have a table occurrence of the remote file allowing the file location to be dynamic.


    Currently the fmp:// URL is encoded but not encrypted.

    Therefore if someone was watching the network for URLs this would be read as clear text, the location and the parameters could be read and issued from outside of the file resulting in the similar opening of the file.


    Security is a high priority at FileMaker and this could be a security issue when using this in a solution that needs security of all transmitted data.


    This would require additional features in Go, Pro and Server to support an implementation of PKI.


    Thank you for taking this under consideration in making the URL scheme not only encode but also encrypted.



    Gerard Beutler