FileMaker Server: Idle Time

Idea created by scottworld on Jul 27, 2016

    Back in FileMaker Server 12 or 13, we used to be able to see the "idle time" for each client that was connected to FileMaker Server. But then, this feature was removed from FileMaker Server.


    It would be really incredible to have this "idle time" feature brought back, because it enables us to confidently know if we can temporarily shut down the FileMaker Server or not. In a large organization of 150 employees, it's sometimes difficult to communicate with all of the employees about server downtime, but the "idle time" feature lets us see exactly what we need to know at-a-glance.


    I know that a workaround to this would be to disconnect users after they are idle for a certain amount of time, so that might be the approach that we take to solve this issue. Although at this point, our users are accustomed to just leaving their screens open overnight and coming back in the morning to pickup precisely where they left off. Probably not ideal, but this is how they are accustomed to working now.