Colored FileMaker Pro Modes

Idea created by calculu on Jul 29, 2016
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    The four FileMaker Pro Modes (Browse, Find, Layout & Preview) are all listed under the "View Menu", but serve different needs. 

    Whereas the User will notice a visible difference when in Layout or Preview Mode, this is not always the case when one switches between the Browse and Find Modes.

    As a result, the User sometimes mistakes the Find Mode for the Browse Mode and ends up entering Data, thinking that it's being committed to file.

    In reality, the moment the User chooses the Find Mode again (or presses Ctrl+F), the realization sets in that all the Data entered will now have to be re-typed and worse: sometimes the original paper from where the Data was copied has already been shredded or disposed of.

    The ideal solution would be to have these two near-identical Modes appear in different color, so that these two Modes are instantly recognised.