Search engine bot indexing options for FMS

Idea created by ErichWetzel on Jul 29, 2016

    Currently the FMS15 installation of Apache creates Apache settings which do not permit ANY content hosted by the system to be indexed by search engine robots. FMS14 did not make any limitations.


    I discovered this the hard way when my public, custom web sites evaporated from all of the search engines after switching from FMS14 to FMS15.


    Perhaps "privacy" options could be made available as simple check boxes in the Admin Console. This would duplicate the privacy options available in Wordpress and other popular plug-ins. If possible, the choices should not require running through the entire installation set up process. When changing Apache settings the Apache server will need a reboot but not the whole system.


    - Check box for Fully private, all search engines blocked from all content as is the FMS15 default now. This checkbox, if enabled, overrides the two following choices.

    - Check box for Web Direct private, all search engines blocked from /fmi and deeper URLs.

    - Check box for Custom Web Publishing private, all search engines blocked from custom sites hosted on the system.

    - Include a button to restart Apache on changes being made.


    Thanks for considering this idea.