Turn Off AutoIndexing on Server

Idea created by davidfencik on Jul 29, 2016
    • davidfencik
    • hschlossberg

    We would like to see a feature that would enable us to disable the autocreation of field indexes on Filemaker Server.  Currently, if a find is performed on any field with the "Automatically create indexes as needed" setting enabled, then the server will create those indexes when a user performs a find on the field.  For large tables, this can be a disruptive process because users may see the coffee cup as the server builds the index.  This is especially problematic when a developer performs a find on a field that would not normally require indexing.


    Our current workaround is to always uncheck the autocreate indexing checkbox for every field we create (unless the field requires full indexing).  But sometimes we forget.  It would be very nice if we didn't have to be concerned with this issue.


    I think this would benefit all users who pay attention to index settings and who like to provide uninterrupted service.


    The setting could probably fit in the Database Server->Databases tab of the Filemaker Server Admin Console.


    Thank you!