Selecting TOs Starting With 'M'

Idea created by Andy Hibbs on Aug 4, 2016
    • tomasd

    On Windows we've been unable to use the keyboard in any specify field dialogue box to select a table occurrence that starts with the letter 'm' if the opening TO is from 'N' onwards, as this jumps to the bottom and opens 'Manage Database'


    To my knowledge, very few people would go into manage database from this point, preferring to use the File Menu or keyboard shortcut.


    Could we make this work the same way as every other letter of the alphabet and simply go to the first TO starting with 'm'. It does work if you press 'L' first and then 'm', but is an annoyance, inconsistent and does have small impact on productivity.


    This may also be linked to selecting a TO where using the keyboard usually jumps to the list of unrelated TOs, whereas mostly we're trying to select a related TO.


    Many thanks