Support fonts that are accepted by the OS

Idea created by Markus Schneider on Aug 4, 2016

    We currently have issues with fonts that cause problems with pdf's etc. On the iOS side (FMGo), there are fonts that wont 'run' well, ie different under browse/edit mode (V14,V15 - at least, there are no remarks in the release notes concerning this..)


    We got a customer who has to change the CI because the font isn't available in an other format (means: it's available - but looks not as good). That customer won't do any upgrades in the near future...


    Therefore: Whatever font that can be loaded on the OS should be supported by the application.. (imagine that a FM Developer aquires a new customer - but FM fails as a base because the fonts are not working... A CI doesn't just mean to buy a new font...)