OnTimer Change

Idea created by Johan Hedman on Aug 5, 2016

    We have had OnTimer Script since FM10. To make it start it is pretty straight forward, you just Install OnTimer script step. But to close it does not make sense. You are doing same script step but sets the OnTimer intervall to 0 (zero) seconds.


    My suggestion is:


         1. We rename current Install OnTimer script step to Start OnTimer

                   Parameter for the Start OnTimer


                        Intervall in seconds



         2. We add a new script step called Stop OnTimer         

                   Parameter for the Stop OnTimer



         The new script step will stop the started OnTimer script that is running.


    I would also like to add a third thing, a function that gives me all OnTimer scripts that are running in current file




         I want this new function to give me a list of Names with "¶" as the divider