Rotate Button Bars, Button Bar Icons, and Button Bar labels

Idea created by realgrouchy on Aug 16, 2016
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    It is possible to rotate a button in increments of 90 degrees, but not a button bar or the icons/labels thereon. This is frustrating because most of the built-in button arrow icons are left-right so if you want an up-down version you either need to import a new icon SVG or you need to create separate buttons and rotate them instead of a button bar.


    Any or all of these would be an improvement:

    - Rotate the button bar (e.g. a button bar with left-right arrows next to each other horizontally rotated 90 degrees appears to have up-down arrows next to each other vertically, and any text is rotated 90 degrees as well)

    - Set the button bar icon property to rotate the icons (e.g. the button bar remains in the same orientation but the icons are rotated)

    - Rotate button bar icons individually (e.g. I have two sets of left-right button bar icons in my button bar, and two of them have been rotated to make them point up and down, without affecting the orientation of other icons)


    Note: Other product ideas regarding rotation (by others):

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