Button Setup Options should retain its expanded state through relaunches of FileMaker Pro

Idea created by scottworld on Aug 17, 2016

    When we double-click on a button and the Button Setup palette appears, we always want to keep the options panel expanded. However, after quitting and relaunching FileMaker Pro, it doesn't remember the last state which we had it in and it reverts back to closed again.


    The options panel should always remember the last state that it was in. In fact, not sure if it's even necessary to have a whole separate Options Panel for just 2 extra choices. Would be best to just always have the options area always displayed, with no need to toggle its open/closed state.


    There is no reason for this information to be hidden. FileMaker's Inspector Window is so incredibly long that we have to scroll up & down through it to see the entire thing. Yet the Button Setup window needed to be as small as humanly possible?? Makes absolutely no sense.


    Please, FileMaker engineers, please focus on usability for us developers. Thank you.