Increase timeout for Send Mail via SMTP server

Idea created by scottworld on Aug 24, 2016
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • tomasd
    • scottworld
    • matthewboylan
    • HortGroup
    • CamelCase_data

    The Send Mail via SMTP script step times out way too quickly if it thinks it can't find an email server. It times out after only 5 seconds, even though both Google and official RFC guidelines specify lengthier times (such as 1 minute) for timeout.


    And if we're sending email via a server script, it's especially important that we can depend on the server for reliability of sending email. Plus, if we're sending email via a server script, it's totally okay if the server takes 30-45 seconds to connect to a server, because it's not interfering with our workflow on the client machine.


    I think the best option to fix this problem would be to give the developer the ability to specify our own custom timeout number (in seconds).