Layout filters

Idea created by Fabrice Nordmann Expert on Aug 26, 2016

    The way we model and structure data in FileMaker is driven by interface requirements.

    For example, list views are designed to list database records, not an arbitrary array of data (unless you use Virtual list techniques, which is fine but has some limitations)

    For that reason we sometime have to mix apples and pears in the same table. Say you want to display a list of all documents (invoices, packing lists, orders…). You'll have to create a document table, even if an invoice and a packing list would theoretically be different tables. That is how FileMaker works. Fine.

    But if on another interface you want to display only invoices (form view, or balance list view…), then you have to select (find) only this type of documents. You must ensure that the user cannot find other documents or even cannot show all records. What's more, the record navigation bar becomes misleading because the user sees x records found / y total records, while he correctly assumes that he found all the invoices.


    The feature request is this one: like we have portal filters, a layout could have a filter and only records matching this filter could be displayed/found.

    The filter would be enabled for all privileges (including full access)

    Get ( TotalRecordCount ) would reflect that filter, and as a consequence record navigation toolbar would too.

    The major change is that you would have, for the same window and same table occurrence, different found sets.


    I believe that the only way to make this manageable would be to consider that layouts without filter (like now) share the same found set, and filtered layouts have different found sets. So if you want to go from a filtered invoice list to a filtered invoice form and preserve the found set, you have to GTRR to the current table occurrence.