Separate Server-Side Scripting Errors into Separate Log

Idea created by hschlossberg on Aug 26, 2016
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    With server-side scripting, and with the addition of Perform Script on Server, we now have a lot of scripts running on the server and racking up errors.  These errors are currently logged within the main server log and therefore make it difficult to look for "real" issues like files that won't open or backups that couldn't run, etc.


    I would like to see server-side scripting errors moved out of this general log and into its own Scripting Log.  Extra points if this log could differentiate ("i.e. warning" vs "error" ) between "serious" issues such as failed field validation (i.e. we are likely hung), script timed out, layout does not exist or no access, etc versus non-serious issues like "record not found" (401 and 101) or "Freeze Window step not supported".