Would love the ability to create temporary relationships within scripts

Idea created by scottworld on Sep 5, 2016
    • scottworld

    When scripting, we already have the ability to store temporary data in local variables.


    It would be incredible if FileMaker allowed us take this to the next level by giving us the ability to create temporary relationships within scripts.


    In our large enterprise-level solutions, our relationship graphs are often filled up with dozens of relationships where global fields are on the "lefthand side" of the relationship, because we're often creating complex relationships based on global fields -- that are only being created for the purpose of a single script.


    These are temporary relationships which only matter to us for the duration of a script (just like local variables store temporary data which only matter to us during the duration of a script). We never need to reference these relationships outside of the script where they are referenced, so it doesn't really make sense for them to clutter up the relationship graph.


    So, if we could create temporary relationships within a script (just like we can create local variables within a script), then we could eliminate soooo much clutter from our relationship graph. Then, we could look at a cleaner & simpler relationship graph, because we would only be seeing the relationships that truly matter to our solution.