Vertical navigation parts

Idea created by scottworld on Sep 8, 2016

    FileMaker 14 gave us the brand new ability to add top navigation parts and bottom navigation parts into layouts.


    This is fantastic, because those parts don't scroll or zoom out of the way.


    It would be equally awesome if we could have vertical navigation parts, so we could create a "utility panel" for our users -- off to the left of the screen or the right of the screen -- that never scrolled or zoomed out of the way either.


    Yes, we have a few partial workarounds for this:


    1. The traditional workaround for this is to create a floating palette in its own separate window in FileMaker, but that requires managing a whole separate window and palette of functions that might change when the user switches layouts.

    2. Of course, we can currently place any vertical object that we want off to the left or the right of the layout, but those objects end up scrolling and zooming.


    I realize that FileMaker layouts aren't currently set up to deal with anything that could possibly interfere with a layout part extending all the way from the left to the right of the screen, so this would probably represent a gigantic & massive overhaul of the layout engine, but I thought I would throw it out there as an idea anyways.