Custom User Name, Settable at Log-In Time or Via Script Step

Idea created by richardsrussell on Sep 9, 2016
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    At present, it's possible to auto-enter Creation (1) Date, (2) Time, (3) Timestamp, (4) [User] Name, and (5) Account Name in a field. The same 5 possibilities exist for record Modification as well as record Creation.


    Every table I create includes 3 standard Date fields:

    • "Created" (auto-entered with creation date)

    • "Updated" (auto-entered with modification date)

    • "Obsolete" (current date entered by script when "Obsolete" button is clicked)


    I would now like to create 3 counterpart Text fields ("Creator", "Updater", and "Obsoleter") to identify the user who performed the function. No problem with "Obsoleter". For that, the same script that enters the "Obsolete" date does the same for the "Obsoleter" name, using the value from the Global Text field "LogIn Name" that the user is required to set upon opening the file.


    I'd also like to use the "LogIn Name" field as the auto-entered input into "Creator" and "Updater" whenever a record is created or modified,  respectively. But that's not currently possible. Neither the "[User] Name" nor the "Account Name" option does what I want to do.


    The "Account Name" in our system is used for the position (Accounting, Intern, Sales1, Sales2, Shipping, etc.), not the person, so we don't have to change it for personnel turnover, 2nd-shift workers, or people logging on to some computer other than their normal workstation.


    The "[User] Name" comes from the value set in the "General" pane of the "Preferences" dialog box. The 2 current choices for it are "System Name" (which comes from the operating system) and "Other" (which you have to type in right there in the dialog box, obviously useless for identifying specific individuals in a work environment that uses shared computers). I'd like to see either of these 2 options available:

         (1) A script step called "Set User Name", which would set the "User Name" without having to go thru the "Preferences" menu.

         (2) A 3rd "Preferences" option for "User Name" called "Specify Field", which I could aim at a global field whose value would be set at log-in time.