Improvements to "WindowNames" function

Idea created by scottworld on Sep 23, 2016
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    Ideally, the "WindowNames" function should be updated to support Get(FilePath) instead of Get(FileName). In other words, WindowNames should support the fully-qualified file path as a parameter, instead of just the generic file name as a parameter. This would clear up any confusion, such as the following situation:


    What happens when you use the WindowNames function along with Get (FileName) to produce a function that looks like this:


    WindowNames (Get(FileName))


    What happens if you have 2 files open that have the exact same name? For example, 2 files of the exact same name opened remotely from 2 completely different FileMaker Servers. Does WindowNames (Get(FileName)) only list the windows for the foreground file? Or does WindowNames (Get(FileName) list the windows for both the foreground file & the background file of the same exact filename?


    If WindowNames supported the file path instead of the file name, we could clear up this confusion.


    This also goes hand-in-hand with the one or two FileMaker Pro bugs listed in this thread: WindowNames ( Get(FileName) )  on macOS Sierra