Built In Algorithm for "Near" Search

Idea created by jsciarra on Sep 16, 2016
    • jsciarra
    • justinc

    As we all have gotten used to the value of Google taking your bad typing and trying to intuit what you meant, it would be a thing of great beauty to have an enhancement to QuickFind or FM's find mechanism in general that would have the ability to find records that are close , alternate spellings, the correct spelling etc, perhaps in a popover window modality or drop down, that gives you records that are near to what you are looking for. This sense of giving FM some AI or at least algorithmic smarts would be welcomed I would imagine by both developers and end users. Developers because we are always trying to stop users from adding dupes and providing tools that make the interaction with our solutions less brittle and for the end user interface and query tools that are of a type and method that matches the experience that every user of sophisticated search engines now takes for granted.