Theme Tool

Idea created by Johan Hedman on Sep 23, 2016

    When we first got FM12 I could understand why we did not get a tool to handle our Themes better, but now in FM15 I think it is something that we really need. The theme have more and more importance in our solutions and are therefore in more need of more functionality.


    This ideas is a tool where we could handle and find information about the Theme.


    Theme Tool should be two things


    Theme Design

         To handle each kind of object that we have inside FileMaker in a way that you directly can see how a object would look like in a FileMaker layout.

         This is also the place where can Copy and Paste Themes from other solutions

         Possibility to delete/duplicate/create Theme

         Creating a new Theme should come out as a template where the new Theme get all objects that a Theme can have.



    Theme Parts

         Parts that are used

              A list of objects being used by that specific theme part and also a way to get to those specific object.

              Each object should appear in a list and be clickable so that you could go to that object and do changes if needed


         Parts that are not used

              A list of theme parts that are not used so that they can be deleted to make the theme optimised


         Layouts that are using this Theme in a list and clickable to that I can navigate to that layout. It could open up a new window for that layout.



    I think this feature should be a part of FileMaker Pro Advanced so that there is a even bigger value to buy FMPA then FMP. The tool should be found under FileMaker Meny / Tools