Flickable field format for value lists

Idea created by richardsrussell on Sep 25, 2016
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    At present, if you're on a desktop computer and want to scope out a field that has many possible values taken from a value list, your 2 primary methods of being able to do so both require a cursor click, from either a drop-down list or a pop-up menu:


    Drop-Down List.jpeg   Pop-Up Menu.jpeg


    These don't lend themselves well to hand-held devices that use a finger, rather than a mouse, to manipulate the current "action spot". I think another field format, which I'll call "flickable" for lack of a standard term (TTBOMK), would be welcome. It would look something like this:


    Scrolling Value Picker.jpg

    and would have "inertia". That is, a gentle flick of the finger would move it a little ways, while a more vigorous flick would send it whizzing, but just a soft press and drag would move it at the same speed as your finger, until the desired value was centered in some fashion (like the darker-blue bar above), at which point that would be the value of the field as soon as you tapped out of it.