Reverse presentation order, for portals and layouts.

Idea created by Magnus Fransson on Oct 1, 2016

    How often do we want the latest record to show on top, either it is in a portal or a list view?


    Sure, there are workarounds. By adding sorting to a portal, a script trigger and a sorting script to a layout. But sorting gives a performance hit. [I have a solution that I’m maintaining where every time user navigates to the orders list there are a noticeable (less than a second) delay, before the list is showed. And that is on a Gigabit LAN. On WAN it’s several seconds.]


    If, instead of sorting, the layout had Reverse presentation order checked, the server simply started serving the data from the other end of the table instead. This should not generate any performance hit, since sorting is no longer involved.


    Being most notable on portals, list and table layouts, it would still have effect on the order when browsing records in form view. In portals and table view it would make that “empty” row, intended for adding new records, float to the top as well.


    Reverse presentation order would, indirect, affect the presentation of sorted data as well, (presenting the records from the other end of the sorted list). Having the effect of appearing to be sorted in reverse, but only is an appearance in presentation, not in actual sorting.


    With best regards Magnus Fransson.