Custom dialogs should expand size to fit message

Idea created by scottworld on Oct 4, 2016

    One of the bigger challenges with custom dialogs is that their default size starts off extremely small, and their size always REMAINS extremely small unless each user MANUALLY resizes their dialog boxes larger on each user's computer.


    This can be a challenge for developers who want to type a little bit more text into the message box of a custom dialog, because developers are never sure if the full text of the message will be seen by the user or not.


    Yes, there are a bunch of workarounds to this problem, such as purchasing extra plug-ins or creating a popover button (instead of using a dialog) or creating a modal window (instead of using a dialog), but sometimes we just want a simple custom dialog box.


    So it would be great if the custom dialog boxes automatically expanded their size to always fit the full text of their message.