Enable Formatting of POSITIVE (plus, +, >0) Numbers

Idea created by richardsrussell on Oct 4, 2016
    • Magnus Fransson
    • richardsrussell
    • beverly

    At present, FileMaker Pro provides no less than half a dozen different ways of formatting negative numbers:


    Formatting Negative Numbers.jpeg


    In addition, it's possible to assign a different color to the digits of a negative number.


    There is no corresponding way to format positive numbers. I think there should be. In particular, I think there should be these 4 options (plus color):

    • 1234

    • +1234

    • 1234+

    • 1234_, where the "_" would actually be a space as wide as either a ")", ">", or " CR", depending on what the negative-number format is. This would permit columns of numbers to line up on the last digit.


    But mainly I'm interested in the +1234 option. When would this be useful? Some examples:


    (A1) The score went from 555 to 544, a change of –11 (easy to format).

    (A2) The score went from 544 to 555, a change of +11 (hard to format).


    (B1) The temperature at 1 AM was –5° (easy to format).

    (B2) The temperature at 1 PM was +9° (hard to format).


    (C1) Calling LA from New York, the time there is NY –3 hours (easy to format).

    (C2) Calling New York from LA, the time there is LA +3 hours (hard to format).