DatabaseIcon Design Function

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Oct 7, 2016
    • hbrendel
    • Johan Hedman
    • mrwatson-gbs



    FMI recently introduced file icons which look fantastic in the FM start dialogue.


    There is however currently no way of accessing these icons within the database itself thus requiring the developer to store a copy of the icon in a container field. 




    A new design function to complement the DatabaseNames function:


           DatabaseIcon ( [Filename] )


    which returns the icon of the specified file or of the current file  if no parameters passed.


    This could be typically used like this


    Container Field 'AppIcon' = unstored, DatabaseIcon




    • All the benefits of using a DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) programming paradigm:
      • One instead of two places to maintain the app icon
      • One less step when the icon changes
      • One less dependency
      • One less potential error
    • Synergy
      • leverages the new icon functionality
      • fits with the DatabaseNames function
    • Makes building custom apps easier
    • Richer, more visually appealing  GUIs
    • Makes FileMaker Platform more appealing for building custom apps
    • Makes FileMaker more modular


    Use Cases

    • "About" Layout inc. app icon
    • App Icon as logo in navigation bar
    • Dynamic app/module toolbar showing app name and icon (e.g. fmWorkMate)
    • Having lost or misplaced the original icon you can get the icon back