Providing UX Feedback

Idea created by vince.menanno on Oct 7, 2016

    I know this one is a general and broad title. But it's always been frustrating to have to work hard to get that level of user interaction to the user.


    To give you a few examples.


    I want to provide a real time progress bar. Showing where it is at in the processing of the records it's looping over. Especially if the window is an offscreen window. = UX FEEDBACK!


    We have done some cool things with CSS and web viewers but we need a native widet that is built in... drag and drop it on the layout. Hook into it for where its going to get its progress... or if an indeterminate progress ... then maybe just how to set the colors etc. Something easier to interface than having to dig up the source code etc etc... then we could also wire up some feedback while a PSoS session is running so the user can tell that it is still working. Keeping the user informed of progress. = UX FEEDBACK!


    Next - would be great to see some text at the bottom of the window - that bottom status area showing the last time the record was updated - the last modification timestamp - modern style. Meaning ... modified 7 min ago; 2 hours, yesterday, last Monday, etc etc. = UX FEEDBACK!


    Or some visual feedback of a flash dialog - like the MacOS has when you change the volume it briefly shows you a dialog and then fades away. Like a notification. I wish we could have access to control these things. = UX FEEDBACK!


    We have gotten some of that with the CSS/Styles - but to me that isn't enough ... we need animations or transitions. That we can define and control for various events. For example, you are looking at a record and someone just updated a value on it. Unless your eyes were on that field it would be very hard to tell that the record was changed right before your very eyes. = UX FEEDBACK!


    What about a built in way to provide a OS style notification of an action completed. = UX FEEDBACK!


    So a concluding note to engineering ... when you add a new feature also think of what ways can you keep informing the users that this thing is happening. I mean you did some of that with the new portal threading thing in FileMaker 15 but, sorry to say - it's ugly and I can't customize it


    I hope others will chime in with their suggestions. 


    I guess after looking at how much other development environments have in terms of layout object ( if you wish, to borrow a similar term ), have it is very disappointing to see that have so few in comparison.