Top feature requests for FileMaker Cloud

Idea created by scottworld on Oct 8, 2016
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    Congratulations to FileMaker Inc. on a truly fantastic version 1.0 of FileMaker Cloud!


    These are 3 of our top feature requests for FileMaker Cloud version 2.0:


    1. Ability to perform scheduled scripts on the server. In our solutions, we create many scheduled scripts that run throughout the day, such as automatically sending bulk emails, automatically cleaning up records, automatically importing/export records, automatically "syncing" tables, etc.


    2. We have some large enterprise clients who are very interested in switching from FileMaker Server to FileMaker Cloud, but we would need the ability to have more than 100 simultaneous users connected and more than 25 simultaneous Perform Script on Server scripts running.


    3. Ability to download full backup copies of our full FileMaker files (along with all of our external container storage data). Currently, there is no way to do this without resorting to a workaround like this: FileMaker Cloud & Backup Restore - Soliant Consulting


    If anybody else has more top feature requests for FileMaker Cloud, please feel free to list them in this thread!