Favorite Sorts; Exports

Idea created by ErikWegweiser on Oct 18, 2016
    • intex

    We already have the ability for users to save favorite searches. There should be similar features allowing users to save favorite sorts and save favorite exports.


    Indeed, this may be a set of functions that could be bundled into something like a Snapshot Link; one that does actually perform a find, then sorts and exports according to whatever the user just did.


    I was working with an advanced user (non-programmer), who has privileges allowing extraction of data for a wide variety of analysis using other tools. I showed him how he could save his complex finds. Unfortunately, he would still have to remember how to manually sort properly depending on the circumstances, and then manually choose the fields he wanted to export. Because of his 'random' needs, it would be impractical to script most of this. Recalling favorite searches / sorts / exports would save some time on his part, when repeating some parts of the process.