Import Table(s) with Data

Idea created by bigtom on Oct 21, 2016
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • dmorgan
    • dhanahan
    • bigtom

    I am sure many of us have standard Tables with pre-loaded data for value lists and such. It would be nice to have an option to import a table with all of the data. Having to import the table and then import the data separately is a bit silly. I find myself doing this all the time and it bothers me. What might be even better is importing multiple tables with data at the same time.


    Some of the value lists have multiple related tables. Keeping the data and keys intact would be great and save a lot of setup time.


    Yeah, I know I will hear someone say I need to make copies of a master file and delete what I do not need, but does it need to be that way?