Add calling script in Top Call statistics

Idea created by Vincent_L on Oct 24, 2016


    Top Call statistics is immensely useful, it just helped me to save 4 hours on a 6 hours script !


    But, I was lucky as the search queried field that was involved in the problem, was not a commonly used one, so it was easy to spot the script involved.


    Today, I've another speed issue, but the field  involved in te slow search query is a very used one, in fact that's the main table key (so fully indexed number field), so it's used everywhere. And even though, I've implemented a script logging feature, I can't spot the script in which the problem arise.


    If only Top Call statistics, could store the script id from which the timed item is called, I would be much faster to use.


    Of course, if no script is involved, that filed will remain blank.


    So here's my idea : record in the Top Call statistics the calling script id if there's any