FileMaker Server Lite

Idea created by torch_55 on Oct 26, 2016

    I realize the benefits of FileMaker Server and Filemaker Cloud. I also understand that the peer-to-peer sharring option to host a file is mainly just for testing purposes. However, I see a need that falls in-between these options. It is for the "Little Guy"; the Mom & Pop businesses. They have a real need for FileMaker and have less than five remote users - mostly remote iPads or phones. However, they cannot afford the cost of FM Server. They probably could afford the cost of the lowest tier of FileMaker Cloud, but not the added cost of FileMaker Server on top of that. So, the workaround is to use peer-to-peer sharing. But is this a real approach if FileMaker states that it is just for testing purposes?


    I urge FileMaker to consider a less expensive option for FileMaker Server; call it "FileMaker Server Lite" for discussion purposes. It could just have the capability of hosting one to three files and accommodate something like five or so remote clients. It looks like FileMaker is going after corporate business in a  big way. They offer great discounts for multiple FileMaker licenses, etc. This is great and I am sure it is a solid business plan. But, if they were to go after the small businesses with an offering that they can afford it would also be a great business strategy. It has the advantage of greatly increasing the public awareness and acceptance of FileMaker. Get people talking about it and they will buy it. And the FileMaker Pro licenses that FileMaker would sell to small business would be at full price and not discounted for volume, like they are for large corporations.


    At one point FileMaker offered a "lite" version of FileMaker called Bento. This was abandoned a few years back. I think that if lost favor because it was kind of a stand-alone database in that it could not be shared with other users on line. A Server Lite offering would correct this issue and not take much in terms of additional development work on the part of the FileMaker staff and software engineers.


    In closing remember the Allen Jackson song about not forgetting the "Little Guy"; they are important and there are a lot of them, which could add up to a lot of FileMaker profit and greatly increase their market presence.